Modernization, rehabilitation, overbuilding and extension of the existing general school building, exterior landscaping and field fencing at School no. 1 of Str. Anton Pann no. 17, Voluntari, Ilfov County

Work carried out within this project: :

  • Existing body rehabilitation and extension.
  • The works consisted of rehabilitation of sanitary, thermal and HVAC installations, fire, heavy and weak currents electrical installations (fire alarm, intrusion alarm, sound and voice data), architectural rehabilitation (floor tiles, parquet, PVC, PVC exterior joinery and wood interior, renovation of waterproofing terraces, redevelopment of plasters, interior painting, rebuilding facades and building thermal- insulation work for the existing body and creating an additional floor on the structure of the laminated wood.
  • Construction of the sports hall - metal structure and shutters of isopan insulated panels
  • Category Interior and exterior design, Civil constructions.
  • Location Voluntari