Our electrical, sanitary and HVAC works include any of these services that address to legal or physical persons and include:

• Electrical, sanitary, HVAC installations for new and old spaces;
• Technical support and warranty for all services provided.

Our services include:

• Construction of new electrical systems for new or old buildings;
• Mounting and checking of electrical panels;
• Installation of individual circuits for large electrical consumers;
• Performing earth-grounding;
• Fitting sockets and switches;

Services Concerning Sanitary Installation, Shvac, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
• realizarea de instalații sanitare profesionale pentru unități de producție speciale;
• montarea, înlocuirea și racordarea oricăror obiecte sanitare;
• efectuarea de revizii și reparații capitale ale instalațiilor sanitare.

Aceste lucrări includ:
• realizare sisteme de încălzire cu centrale termice, convector electric sau pompe de căldură;
• execuție sisteme de ventilație;
• execuție sisteme de aer condiționat.

Execution of high quality works

REAL DECO performs sanitary, electrical and HVAC installations at the highest standards, highest quality, with authorized electricians and plumbers. We design, install, repair or replace electrical, sanitary and HVAC installations. We have the latest technology, we can provide adequate and safe solutions for any type of electrical, sanitary, heating or ventilation work. We use state-of-the-art equipment and materials at European standards.

We perform impeccable work, both functionally and aesthetically. If you need to perform electrical, sanitary or HVAC installations, call our team!